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Kass O'Shire Author Cozy, Spicy, Nerdy
Monster Romance

Cozy Spice and Everything Nice


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About Kass

Hi there, Hello. I'm Kass (or Kassie), reluctant human. I live in America's own little Shire and love it a lot. I use she/her pronouns, and I'm demi and bi. My writing focuses on body, sex, and equality positive stories with high heat levels and cozy vibes. It consists of *mostly* monogamous romances, though I do have a few triads planned. My book tastes run to monster romance/paranormal romance, gas-lamp fantasy romance, historical romance, sci-fi romance (ok, all things romance), epic fantasy and space opera. 
In my free time, I read a lot, bake my pants off, and play/DM DnD and other tabletop/board games. I am married, have one awesome 12 year old dude and have done two surrogacies. To pay the bills, I am a data analyst in the behavioral health space. I'm extremely passionate about access to mental and behavioral health care for all folks and I am usually that friend that nags you to take care of yourself.


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